This brand is big dream of one girl, who loves jewelry. Ametha brand is Lithuania / Slovakia based company, which was started in 2023, but the idea of it is alive for a quite few years. Not hard to guess, Ametha name is after amethyst stone. This brand was born from wish to offer an affordable and quality jewelry.  We believe that less is more. It is all about being yourself, not too much - not too few. This minimal jewelry is aspect to your daily outfit.
We believe that quality is everything. Ametha uses only gold plated silver, so every piece is long lasting and more affordable than gold. And not to forget to mention - it is tarnish free, nickel free and waterproof.
Every order comes with cute box and is packed as a gift. So even if you order for yourself, you’ll feel like you’ve got a gift!
Outfit without jewelry - like sky without stars. It brings some sparkle to your look. Even some mini detail can change the way you look.
We are glad to offer you some stars to your sky!